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New Tools for Restaurateurs

Between starting the demi-glace and getting the case of chickens out of the walk-in for stock, the last thing we think you should be worrying about as a restaurateur is whether the guests showing up to your soft-open can actually find your phone number and location on your web site. Can phones do Flash yet? How long has that osso bucco been braising? We think the latter is probably a much better thing to take up your time, so we put together a few key tools to help get your mind off your website and where it belongs – on the food.

Introducing Confit

When looking at common restaurant site problems, one of the first issues that sprang to mind was how often broken animations, inaccessible information and bloated PDFs are foisted upon us when using our smartphones, when all we really need is a phone…

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Fri Nov 30.

sara Asella

to ; E.Akni Angga P.

aku tau ini semua tak adil..

aku tau ini sudah terjadi..

mau bilang apa akupun tak sanggup..

air mata pun tak lagi mau menetes..

alasan.a sering kali kudengar..

alasan.a sering kali kau ucap..

kau dengan.a seakan ku tak tau..sandiwara apa yg tlah kau lakukan kpadakuu..

                           jujurlah sayank aku tak mengapa..

                           jika nanti aku yang harus pergi.. kuterima walau sakit hati..

mungkin ini jalan yg kau inginkan..

mungkin ini jalan yg kau mau

kau dengan.a seakan ku tak tau.. sandiwara apa..cerita.a apa…aku tauuuuu…..


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